A downloadable visual novel for Windows and macOS

This game is available in English, Spanish and French.

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In the midst of a quiet and peaceful island, strange creatures begin to arise and awake all of its inhabitants' questions. Intelligent and human-like, they will spark a young woman's curiosity, who will dig deep into their origins and motivations to understand who they really are.

About this demo

This is a demo which contains about 10 minutes of gameplay that represent the first scene in the story. 

You will play as a female protagonist, a young vlogger that just heard rumours about some mysterious sightings in a nearby forest and is more than ready to head in and take a look at what's happening around. 

This demo contains no voice acting, but you can activate auto-voicing by pressing V. The rest of the controls are easy and you'll be able to play with just a mouse.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the game, so feel free to share them on your personal blog or do a video about them! Gameplays are more than welcome :)

Edit Jan 27th: fixed typos in English ver + fixed Mac ver in both languages. 

Edit July 1st: updated with a French translation + added a link to Instagram page.

The future of The Anima Island

This VN is currently in progress and there is no release date planned yet.

The completed game will feature multiple endings, optional branching routes that will let you learn more about the Island and its characters, and a true end. 

These are some of the features that will be improved and implemented in the final version:

  • Improved (cooler) user interface.
  • Improved sprites and CGs, as well as a CG gallery.
  • Improved sound effects, as well as character voice beeps.

If you'd like to suggest anything else, then by all means - please do so!

Because this is a project I'm doing pretty much on my own and I want to pay every other person that is involved in it for their work, I would truly appreciate any kind of support. You can find me at Ko-fi and I have an online store, too (it's got TAI merch!).

Special thanks

  • Alessandro "Somax" Melaiu, for his support and help in TAI's plot and development.
  • EternalSushi [YouTube], for the wonderful music he composed for TAI.
  • Lautael [Twitter], for the French translation and support.
  • ...and to everyone who's been following and supporting the project thus far!

I sincerely hope you enjoy your first steps into the Island ­čĺÖ


The Anima Island DEMO (English) - PC 64 MB
The Anima Island DEMO (English) - Mac 47 MB
Isla Ánima DEMO (Español) - PC 64 MB
Isla Ánima DEMO (Español) - Mac 47 MB
L'├«le aux Animae D├ëMO (Fran├žais) - PC 64 MB
L'├«le aux Animae D├ëMO (Fran├žais) - Mac 47 MB

Install instructions

Once you have downloaded the files for your OS, you can use the executable file to begin playing. 


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La demo es una muy buena introducci├│n a lo que podremos encontrar en la misteriosa isla. Esperaremos pacientemente para poder seguir la retransmisi├│n y poder conocer a Kangium.

El arte es sensacional, y los personajes ya dejan entrever su personalidad, ¡no podemos pedir más!

Estaremos al tanto del proyecto, ¡mucho ánimo!

The demo was very short, so I don't have much to say ... but I can say that the story seems to be quite interesting and I really want to see what happens in it.
Also, I loved your art style (it's VERY good)

I'm really looking forward to a full version !!!
(and I'm sorry if my English is a little broken, I'm not very good at writing in English, since it's not my main language ┬┤-`)

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like the art style ^_^

If you'd like to see more of the characters, you can also try this short minigame that I made this year! 

Los dibujos me parecen una obra de arte y la historia tiene muy buena pinta por lo poco que se puede ver. 

┬┐Como puedo enterarme sobre el desarrollo del juego? Estoy muy interesado

┬íOstras! Perdona, no vi este comentario en su momento, me alegra saber que te gust├│ aunque durase poco :) 

Puedes seguir el desarrollo del juego en Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr y Facebook

hmm, too short for me to really decide how to feel about the story and such, but the art is stunning.

Thank you!


Demo was pretty decent. I'll keep my eye out for the full release.


Thank you! :) 

The icon for the game makes the character look like a mermaid, if that was intentional and the character was it'd have been really clever.

It's more of a velociraptor-ish character. I'll take it into account in case I get to remake the icon/logo!

Just in case you cannot see what I mean, here's a picture. :)

I honestly thought it was just a rather clever and artistic use of the icon at first. Haha.

Ah, I thought you meant the window icon, which is the same shape as in the logo! It's supposed to represent one of the characters in the demo, although it's not a mermaid hehe


While I'm not a visual novel expert, I can tell a lot of love and care went into this demo. 

First of all: The art is gorgeous! The several backdrops are well crafted and really create atmosphere. The characters are drawn really nice aswell, especially the non-human characters. Finally, I really dig the look of the ui and menus, they're simple, yeah, but in a professional looking way.

The music was also a pleasant surprise. From the moment you boot the game up and hear the calming, yet forboding, title screen music until the tense moments. While I won't listen to it outside of the game, It is generally very pleasant to listen to while you enjoy the story.

speaking of the story: I find the writing decent, although I found a few typos during my playthrough.(I was playing the english version) It's good enough to hold my intrigue and I'm looking forward to what you make of this game!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the game in such detail, it makes me very happy to hear that you enjoyed all of that! Especially about the UI and backgrounds, as they're not something I'm used to making :_)

I will review the English version and fix the typos soon, thank you for bringing that up as well! 

Thank you very much!!

It's no problem! :)


I loved the music and sound effect, though I was hopping to listen some heartbeat when the Mc was entering the underground. Also, I liked the plot, I makes me rememeber The Island of Doctor Moreau. I wish you luck in your project.

Thank you very much for your encouragement!  I will do my best and try to put more attention in such details further on :)